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Telling our Story

Founded in Rochester in 1915 (one year before the first Wegmans opened) as a 
bond house that sold bonds to fund the Industrial Revolution, Sage Rutty has been 
led by the Holly family since 1928. Now in fourth generation of family leadership, the firm and its team have managed finances through Great Depression lows and the technology booms of later generations. 

Today, the value of family, community, and teamwork can be consistently felt 

through the halls, and makes Sage Rutty a place unlike any other financial services firm.  

Sage Rutty and Company is a family-owned business, which is why we are so family-focused. We’re not a huge corporation, nor do we have multiple locations. But what we do have is a longstanding history of providing quality financial planning services to a community we love. 

And nothing is bigger or more important than taking care 
of others, especially when it comes to the families we serve.
How we operate:

In the Zone

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