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Tools, Technology, and Products

Whatever you are looking to provide your clients, Sage Rutty has a great option. Prior to transition, we sit down with every prospective advisor to map out all potential product conversions and be sure you can continue to best serve your clients.

Clearing Firm

Sage Rutty advisors have a choice in clearing platform.


We have a major wirehouse technology platform that most of our advisors utilize.  This platform contains the same resources as one of the world's largest broker-dealers including trading, research, client account dashboard, practice management tools, investment news, planning software, quotes, market data, reporting, and many other features.  

Some advisors choose to use a different technology platform to run their business.  This flexibility allows advisors to find what works best for their clients.

Products and Services

No proprietary products.  No lack of investment options.

We work with leading mutual fund and institutional money managers.

Sage Rutty & Co. provides your clients with a wide, constantly updated selection of financial products and services in an effort to assist our advisors and to best serve clients’ ever-changing needs.

Tech Support

To help keep our advisors' business running smoothly, Sage Rutty employs two, full time, on-site IT professionals.  No more 800 number to talk to a tech help desk; our support is just down the hall.


We provide our advisors a full technology suite.  These programs include:

Junxure - Industry CRM
ShareFile - Securely communicate with clients
RightSignature - Send a document for signature electronically
VPN System - Work remotely

Plus many more, all at no cost.

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